What are some good tips for preventing SPAM?

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What are some good tips for preventing SPAM?

Tips for preventing SPAM:

1. Avoid opening and/or responding to unsolicited e-mails or messages from addresses that you do not recognize.

2. Before giving out your e-mail address online, be sure that the website is reputable and does not share your address with third parties.

3. Run antivirus and spyware protection software on your computer. Viruses and spyware often collect your e-mail address from your computer and “share” it with outside sources who send SPAM. Worms will typically use your address book to send themselves to other users, which can cause exponential propagation of SPAM.

4. Login to the Comporium SPAM filtering service. Here you can manage allowed and blocked sender lists as well as configure your filter settings. To access, login  http://spam.comporium.net

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